In GEM – Game for EuroMed, CESIE from Italy, ADICE from France, JUHOUD from Palestine, and WASEELA from Egypt have come together to promote education for intercultural citizenship through playing.

“Playing” is a powerful and surprising tool that can build non-formal settings where people learn each other traditions, cultures, history, food… while having fun!

Learning by playing

Learning by playing enables people to make sense of their world and the way they learn through play is culturally specific as result of differences in beliefs, values, and practices.

Our values

GEM promotes the values of dialogue, pluralism, respect, democracy, social participation and cohesion in the framework of a ludic learning environment thanks to the creation of a board game!

Anna Lindh Foundation

The Anna Lindh Foundation is an international organisation which promotes intercultural exchanges and common projects among the civil societies of the Euro-Mediterranean region.

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