The online training course of the GEM – Game for EuroMed project has come to an end.

19 among teachers and youth workers from the four partner countries of the project –  Italy, France, Egypt and Palestine – have participated to the training.

During the three meetings, this international team of educators has discussed on different aspects related to the topic of education for intercultural citizenship, reflecting how to promote it, especially among young people, through  creative approaches.

After some activities allowing participants to introduce each other, they have reflected together on stereotypes and prejudices that often influence the perception of other countries and cultures and the way we relate with.

Then, participants have used creative methods to identify the challenges related to intercultural citizenship and which are the key messages to be promoted in order to create a better mutual understanding between people of the two shores of the Mediterranean.

Finally, the board game. How to make it attractive and at the same time a tool to improve the knowledge of the youngsters that will play it?

Let’s start to imagine a journey, several characters, different pathways that cross each other, some tortuous other linear, questions, challenges and… all of this on a board game!

These are just some of the elements and contributions developed at the end of the 3 day training.

Start to browse on the Facebook page of the project, you can find some photos of the days of the training.

Few weeks and the GEM board game will be ready!

If in the meantime you would like to know more, please write to and